Fence Materials Guide

It is common to mix fence type.

Commercial Fence Project Solomons MDYou may see an ornamental iron fence facing the front of the home for curb appeal and a chain link on the sides and back of the yard.  Chain link is economical and has many uses.

You may find a privacy fence facing the neighbors home and a lesser expensive fencing facing a wooded lot attached to a property. In my community there are many fence types used.  There are also a wide range of mixing fence types.  The type of fence you use depends on what it will be used for, your budget and personal preference.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of fence types.

Vinyl Fence: 
PRO- You do not need to repaint vinyl fencing. It doesn’t split or rot.
CON- Not everyone likes the shiny plastic look.  The design options are limited.

Composite Fence:
Composite fences are made with recycled fibers, plastics, and binding agents.
PRO- They look closer to wood.  They are durable and long lasting and easy to maintain.
CON- A composite fence cannot be recycled.  They are susceptible to scratching, staining and fading.

Wood Fence:
For a longer lasting fence use pressure treated lumber.
PRO-Wood costs significantly less than either vinyl or composite
CON- Wood fencing takes more maintenance than any other fencing type.

Ornamental Fence:
Ornamental fencing combines all the stuff you like about other fence materials.
PRO- Very little maintenance.Metal fences are resistant to wear and damage.
CON- If a metal fence does get damaged it is hard to repair.

Steel Chain Link Fence:
PRO-Chain-link fence is sturdy, maintenance-free, durable and economical. It is considered easy on the environment and known as a green fence.
CON-It is not normally thought of as a pretty fence.

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