Install Aluminum Fence: A Quick How-To in Southern MD

iron-fence-stmaryscountyIf front lawn privacy is less of an issue to you than keeping pets inside and intruders outside, you probably want to install aluminum fence. They're harder to climb than most other fences, and apart from encircling your property with barbed wire, you won't find a better style of fence for keeping out large animals and second-story men.

Hiring a professional is usually preferred when installing aluminum fencing, It's better to install aluminum fence all in one sitting, rather than mulling around for an entire week on each step. The professionals will  make sure that you've marked the location of all the utility lines before the digging begins. If you slice through a water main or a septic line, they'll really have something to complain about! A professional will also provide a more accurate measurement of  the installation area, and acquire all of the tools you'll be using.

If you decide to try this yourself you'll need: quick drying concrete (Quikcrete is a popular brand), a level, a shovel, a hack saw, a tape measure, a screw driver, a hammer, a wheelbarrow, gravel, ground stakes, and a length of string line  to install aluminum fence,.

Determine where your fence's corner locations will be, ensure that they're even with each other, and mark these spots by driving stakes into the ground. Then use the length of string line to give you a visual representation to help install aluminum fence.

The holes you dig for the posts should be about two feet deep, and wide enough to take the aluminum fence posts. If you accidentally dig too deep, just add a little gravel to the hole. Once you've dug all your post holes, plant and set the corner posts. Shovel in concrete around the posts, and then pack the dirt from the holes around it. This will ensure that they do not move. Make sure all of your posts are level with one another.

Next, put down and secure a middle post, cementing it and packing it the way you did with the corner posts. Aluminum fences, without much exception, come in sections for you to attach, so if you did all of the measurements correctly, these two sections will fit together. Each individual brand of aluminum fence will connect a bit differently, so read the instructions that came with it carefully. Repeat this step until you've connected the connected the entire fence. You'll want to install the individual aluminum fence segments about two inches off of the ground; otherwise, you might have problems mowing your lawn.

The final step to install aluminum fence will be to insert the fence gate; it should be a segment on its own, pre-assembled. All you should have to do is screw in the hinges and attach the latching mechanism, which will be fairly straightforward, and vary from fence to fence.

If this sounds like a lot of hard work call the professionals at Thomas Fence to Install your Aluminum Fence in Southern MD.