Defining hardscape and how to use it

Defining hardscape includes fencing Hardscaping refers to the elements in a landscape that aren’t living, such as paths, walls and fences. Curb appeal is beneficial in various ways. Curb appeal can make a home more attractive to prospective buyers and give existing homeowners a place they want to come home to. In its study of…

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An Aluminum Fence is the Way to Go in Southern MD

Aluminum Fence in Prince George’s County

For Protection and Beauty in Prince George’s County, an Aluminum Fence is the Way to Go When shopping for fencing in Prince George’s County, as far as variety goes, the two most impressive looking fences are either wood based or aluminum. Unfortunately for the aluminum fence industry, many people automatically think of chain link fences…

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Aluminum Fence Installation

iron-fence-st marys county

Install Aluminum Fence: A Quick How-To in Southern MD If front lawn privacy is less of an issue to you than keeping pets inside and intruders outside, you probably want to install aluminum fence. They’re harder to climb than most other fences, and apart from encircling your property with barbed wire, you won’t find a…

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Fencing For Pets

containment for dog in ground at Waldorf

Stop your pet from becoming a ‘Hairy Houdini’ with a Southern Maryland Fence From Thomas Fence. The ASPCA estimates that 7.5 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Many of these animals are strays, as shelters house about twice as many stray animals as pets given up by their owners. Lost animals also…

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The right fence

white scalloped fence installed by Thomas Fence in St. Mary's County

Finding the right fencing fit Homeowners choose to erect fences on their properties for various reasons. Parents may find fences provide peace of mind during those times when their youngsters are playing in the yard, while other homeowners prefer fences for the privacy they can provide. Whatever compels homeowners to consider fencing for their properties,…

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Maryland Fence Installation


Maryland Fence Installation: Did you know? Fences can provide privacy and transform backyards into calming places to relax and unwind. But fences also may lead to disputes with neighbors if installation is not carried out with etiquette. Always place the fence within your property lines, which can be determined by examining a land survey for…

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