Planning For a Wooden Fence

Looking for beautiful, affordable wood fences, and privacy fencing?

Planning for a wooden fence 

Wooden fence installation While chain link fences are uses in some landscapes, many people prefer to make use of wooden fences when building an attractive landscape. Wood is a rather versatile material that can used in a variety of fence styles. Installing your own wood fence requires a lot of time and energy, so hiring a professional is often worth it. A wood fence can offer privacy while enhancing the look of your landscape. Even if you do not build a very tall fence, a wood fence around your yard can prevent unwanted animals (like dogs) from getting into your yard.

Planning for your wood fence

Before you begin, there are a few things to know about preparing to install wooden fences. It is important to know the basic elements of the wooden fence before you get started. These are the elements that almost every fence consists of, and are almost universally necessary to build an attractive and effective fence. You will need posts. These are vertical elements that are placed in the ground. They rise above the ground, of course, and properly set posts are essential for keeping all of the other components in place. Some posts extend above the top of the fence for decorative purposes and others are only as high as the fence itself. Another important element of support is the rail. Rails act as spanners, connect the posts. They run parallel to the ground and serve as the horizontal support elements. Almost every fence style makes use of top and bottom rails, and some also utilize middle rails. Finally, panels are required for the successful fence. Sometimes the panels are referred to as boards. There are open fence styles that make no use of panels, but panels of latticework or even just straight boards are the main elements that provide privacy.

The best way to ensure your installation goes smoothly is to hire a professional. They will be able to assist you in the planning phase, as well as getting your permits. It is virtually impossible to complete a landscape project without any hiccups when you build it yourself, but with a professional fencing company you should be able to take care of things in a relatively smooth manner.

The first thing they will assist you with your local zoning or building board to find out the height or design restrictions. They will also assist in obtaining the building permit before you begin.

Next you want to be sure that the fence you build will be within the borders of your own property. If you need to have a survey beforehand to satisfy the neighbors, do so, as this can save you legal fees down the road if the neighbor decides to sue.

Another thing the professionals will assist you with is finding out from the local utility companies where the underground gas, electric, and power lines are located. Additionally, they will check with the phone and cable companies regarding possible underground lines they may have. It can be dangerous to damage such lines, and if you do so, you are responsible for the costs associated with repairing the damage.

Be sure that you have a plan for your fence, based upon the preparation discussed above. When you hire a professional, you will be surprised to realize how fast the work goes, and how good your fence looks as part of your landscape.


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