Privacy Fence Can Reduce Neighbour Conflict

Privacy Fence Can Reduce Neighbour Conflict

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rsz_private_fence_companyWe are all familiar with the phrase ‘Love the neighbour’ but in reality, this can be harder to practice than it is to preach. A large number of homeowners in Southern MD have neighbours whom they don’t get along with, which makes living next door to each other quite trying sometimes. Whether you have personality clashes, a lack of respect for the others peace and comfort, or just disagree on certain issues, having a next door neighbour that you can’t tolerate is never fun. One problem with living next door to anyone, can often be privacy.

Many homes have been designed with efficiency in mind, without always considering the privacy of both parties. Sometimes you may be able to see directly into the backyard of your neighbour, which can be a problem for either party. If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you will know the annoyance Ned Flanders puts up with, seeing Homer slob around in the yard wearing nothing but underpants, and doing unsavoury things in the full view of his neighbour.

On the other side, people may want to relax in their backyard and not feel like they are potentially being watched by a nosy neighbour. Knowing it is watching you in the privacy of your own home, or being subject to the actions and behaviour of someone you don’t particularly want to see is fuel for confrontations and dislike. One main way to reduce this is by increasing the privacy, through the extension of your fence.

A solid, high standing fence will make your home more private, and ensure that ‘Flanders’ doesn’t constantly watch your every move, and ‘Homer’ doesn’t disgust you with his shennanigans. Talking about issues such as these are important and paling fence extensions are relatively cheap, meaning you can increase the privacy of both your houses with a low budget. Privacy fences are perfect for property boundaries and provide added security and privacy with ease. You can also look at the ‘lapped and capped’ option for added privacy.

If your privacy fence is a wood fence then It can also be painted any color which is important. If you have a neighbour that you already disagree with, chances are you may disagree on the color of a new fence. But with a privacy fence, you can paint it whatever color you want, so you may choose one color on your side to suit your house, and they can choose a different colour on their side. This reduces tension and allows you to make your fencing fit in with the current feel of your house.

Privacy fences will never go out of style and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Extensions to them are easy as well, meaning they are the perfect solution for reducing neighbour conflicts that relate to privacy. Enjoy the extra peace and quiet!

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