Southern MD pet friendly fenced in yard

Owning a Fence will make like with your pet easier

Many people in Southern MD that own dogs often find that having a fenced-in space gives pets an opportunity to run around off-leash. This allows pets to enjoy time outdoors and can make it easier for them to go out on bathroom breaks.

Fenced-in Yard

Although owning a fence as a pet owner can make life easier it won’t solve every problem you’ll encounter.

Still, pet owners must recognize that inquisitive dogs can get into trouble even in seemingly safe yards. One potential danger is ingestion of potentially toxic mushrooms. It is essential for homeowners to check their yards for mushrooms all year long, but especially during wet springs and in the fall. Mushrooms can pop up overnight. Depending on the type of mushroom and the size of the dog, ingesting even a small amount can result in gastrointestinal distress or more dire circumstances, like liver failure. Certain mushrooms give off a fishy smell and they may entice dogs who are prone to indiscriminate eating. According to the animal care resource Preventative Vet, signs of mushroom toxicity include vomiting, salivating, yellowing of the skin and "whites of eyes," coma, seizures, and loss of balance. Other dogs may experience diarrhea or refuse to eat. Any pet owner who has suspected a dog has eaten wild mushrooms should consult a veterinarian. Early treatment can help and prevent more serious organ damage or death. Pet owners who cannot trust their dogs unattended in the yard should bring their pups out on leashes or keep careful watch on them while they're outdoors.

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